Roof Repair

Repairs and Maintenance: To sustain the longevity of your roof, take preventative measures by repairing and maintaining it. Even minor maintenance tasks may prevent you from incurring greater costs in the future. 

Some of the tasks which may extend the life of your roof are: 

  • Remove Roof and Gutter Debris – semi-annual
  • Check/Seal Water/Moisture Penetration Points – semi-annual
  • Check/Repair Flashing, Valley Metal, Vents – semi-annual
  • Inspect Chimney and Soil Stacks, Check/Repair for Buckling, Missing and/or Curling Shingles – semi-annual
  • Check/Repair Roof Ventilation – semi-annual
  • Check/Remove Algae and Moss Growth – seasonally
  • Check/Remove Ice Dams – seasonally

Contact us today and let us conduct a site inspection and build a custom maintenance plan. Our clients who acquire this maintenance service from us tend to save money in the money run as any major problems are detected and repaired instantaneously.