I am very pleased to provide this recommendation for JJ Roofing Ltd.
Recently JJ Roofing did work in our subdivision including our home and the homes of some of our neighbours. We were all pleased with the workmanship and competitive rates the company offered. We had the owner of the company, Jas, come give us a quote and we found him to be very knowledgeable and efficient person. He had his crew arrive on the day that was arranged. The work was done efficiently and the property was cleaned up of all debris and the container with the rubbish was taken away.
We would strongly recommend JJ Roofing to other home owners. J Cruise
We recently had our roof replaced by JJ Roofing. We found the level of expertise and service to be exceptional. The three individuals who were working on our home arrived promptly on schedule and worked diligently to get the installation completed in a timely manner. Our project was supposed to have taken two days to complete but because of damaged plywood and two layers of shingles placed previously, additional work was necessary which ended up taking longer. Because rain was in the forecast for the following day, they worked overtime to ensure our home would be well protected from the elements. They also came back the following day to ensure everything was properly cleaned up after. Overall, we were very impressed with the level of service provided by this company and would have no hesitation
recommending them to family and friends.Hussein Shivji
JJ Roofing …..A very satisfied customer !
Last year I called around to get quotes on changing my roof. I met with Jas (JJ Roofing) and I was very impressed with his hands on knowledge, very personable, he was very upfront and not pushy and provided a competitive quote. He and his team did a fantastic job. They were punctual to start, meeting the time completion as promised and cleaning up after the job. They were very careful to protect the landscape plants and shrubs. JJ personally reviewed the job with me and answered all my question pre and at completion to ensure my total satisfaction. My satisfaction from the job JJ Roofing did on my house last year earned them another job this year on a relative’s house. I would strongly recommend JJ Roofing to any of my relatives, friends and home owners. Al Richmond
JJ Roofing is an excellent company and a pleasure the deal with.
I got a quote within hours of calling and they were very professional/thorough. They explained in detail what they would do, gave me options for upgrades if I wished and brochures that explained the products. They were very quick and did a first class job.
We decided to do our roof just before selling our house. I was curious what if anything the home inspector would say about the roof. He informed me the roof had been done to meet high standards and the new owners would have nothing to worry about for a very long time. The best part of the whole deal was, they were the $2000 lower than the next cheapest quote.
I would highly recommend them to anyone I know. Travis Pollitt
After doing a bit of research and getting some quotes, I contacted Jas at JJ Roofing.
Jas came by later that evening and provided me with a detailed professional quote along with some literature and product samples. Within a few days I decided to go with JJ Roofing. Jas showed me numerous houses within my local area (Fraser Heights) where he had replaced roofs. I spoke to a few customers who all had positive comments. During the duration of the re-roofing Jas’ crew were very punctual and professional. They protected all plants from debris and cleaned up at the end of each day. On our house JJ Roofing provided the following services: re-roofed house, replaced 2 sky lites and added a chimney cap to solve the leaking problem that I had. On top of all that they roofed my shed to match the house. All in all I had a very positive experience with Jas and his crew at JJ Roofing.
I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to have a new roof or re-roof done.Suk Dhariwal
My friend introduced JJ Roofing to us, Jas gave me a professional, detailed quote, his price is reasonable.
JJ roofing did excellent job on my roof one week ago. Our family is super satisfied with the new roof and skylight.
I would highly recommend him to friends to hire him for new roofing or re-roofing.Michael Zhang
After doing a fair bit of research and getting 5 quotes we decided to go with JJ roofing.
They were not the lowest nor the highest quote. But we were impressed with JJ’s representive’s knowledge and attention to detail that the other estimaters missed or were not cognisant of. JJ’s crew were on time and cleaned-up to our satisfaction.To be honest, Jas and JJ roofing was more than I expected. They re-moved the old shingles, added new shingles of our choosing, replaced & painted fascia boards, gutters & downpipes. We found Jas to be an honourable, honest, businessman. PLUS…no money was asked for untill we were completely satisfied with the project. We would have NO hesitation in recommending Jas and JJ Roofing for your re-roofing or repair. We are seniors and have been ripped-off before.
Thank you Jas, you are a good man.julien mafatow
JJ roofing did fantastic job on our roof. Jas gave us a professional, detailed quote that was at a reasonable cost.
When we accepted the quote Jas kept us well informed of the start date and the crew that came to do our roof was excellent. Jas is great business man and very friendly person he wont ask for money till he complete his job and you satisfaction with his work.
I would highly recommend him to friends to hire him for new roofing or re-roofing.Sandy Bains
As A Customer’s experience: J J Roofing is one of the best Roofing contractors in Great Vancouver.
They charge reasonable price and trying their best to meet customer satisfaction. Check with them before hire others… Customer from Coquitlam
I would highly recommend him to friends to hire him for new roofing or re-roofing.Yu Tsai
Just want to take my time to let everyone know how satisfied we were with the work JJ roofing provided to our home.
We have a 35 yr old house with tiled-roof and got several quotations from different roofing companies. JJ Roofing’s price was reasonable, competitive, their crew provided thorough care and attention to detail when we had re-roofing done to our house. I noticed that they used quality materials to protect our home as well as their crew better. They were also quick enough to answer any questions we had during the time of the project. Kudos to the team who had work in the cold rain or shine. My husband and I had a very pleasant experience while working with Jas and the rest of JJ Roofing.
I would highly recommend him to friends to hire him for new roofing or re-roofing.Yu Tsai